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1978 NZ Feature Film - The Story (in brief)

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

When their small country school faces closure, country kids use whatever means necessary to save it while their older siblings do the same to keep their sacred lands during the historic NZ Aotearoa land protests of 1978.

The Story

Set in rural NZ in 1978, this story will showcase a slice of Aotearoa New Zealand in a magical way.

It's a duel story, where one thread will follow a group of 11-year-old country kids as they compete in a must-win Country vs. City sports day, where losing will mean the final straw for their school, and it will be closed.

The second thread will follow the Ropata family as they seem divided during the historic Raglan Golf Course and Bastion Point protests.

All characters are from the same small rural community.

The Country Kids thread will be a Comedy. Using all their combined skills, the country kids plan a series of hilarious schemes to attempt to win the high-stakes sports day. To stop the school commissioner from closing the school, they must outwit the city kids!

The Ropata Family thread will be a drama. Tensions rise as each takes their stance on the events surrounding them. Some take an active part in the protests while others oppose. Will the situation bring them together or tear them apart?

Icky, the youngest sibling of the Ropata Family, is the connector of the two stories. Being 11 years old, he is a part of the country kids gang.

The film has many deep, thought-provoking themes throughout, but ultimately it's a story about Love, Respect and Understanding.

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